** 4cat's album has been officially released **

2016-10-02 06:08:02 by 4cat

..."released" through bandcamp. I'm not on a major label or anything, calm down.





Want to give a big thanks to everyone who told me to do this. It has been a very fun process and I am greatful for all the support and kind words. 

Note: In my previous newspost I said there would be 7 songs but my last song didn't seem to fit the tone/vibe of these 6 so I took it off. Maybe it will make it to the next ep/album/thing. Also there is bad language on the album but it's all in good fun.


Special thanks to @Jay, @Minion777, @Father-of-Death and @catcatcatcatLION  (aka TehSlapHappy) for helping your boy out with vocals, @Brewster for giving me that exposure with Crust (you killed it with that mole/worm ish my dude) as well as @Gobblemeister for giving me that boss. Also thanks to the NG staff including @mich and @NekoMika for audio advice, @TomFulp for recognizing my submission in the audio contest earlier this year, @EJR and @zachary for backing me up when I needed it and @liljim for previously assisting me with account issues; all of these things have helped me out creatively along the way. I know I come off as a bit of an ass sometimes but I do appreciate when people do right by me. 


(also I haven't tagged anyone in a newspost before so if I screw this up there will be mad egg on my face for real my dude)




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2016-10-02 09:01:41

Buying, great album, and thank you for the mention. ^~^

4cat responds:

Thanks dood


2016-10-03 12:16:29

5/5 my dude

4cat responds:



2016-10-04 21:51:07

Yo, so I just checked this out . I really like this man, you've got talent.

4cat responds:

appreciate it my dude!


2016-10-06 00:31:04

Favorites are Pretzels and Hoverhand! The singing is pleasant to my ears and I like hearing pleasant things.

(Updated ) 4cat responds:

Thanks for all the support yo, glad you liked it


2016-10-06 20:33:26

shit's bangin', dawg

4cat responds:



2016-10-23 23:09:37

Good shit, man. Keep up the great music.