new music from 4cat + new album coming soon

2016-11-03 08:33:20 by 4cat

Sup? This new banger was produced by myself featuring @TehSlapHappy and @Minion777 and will be featured on my new album, "What's For Lunch". I'm not sure when that will be relased but hopefully sometime in the new year.

Apologies to @Jay for the chorus


Thanks to everyone who has supported my music, I have been overwhelmed by your generosity.



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2016-11-03 12:34:21

Awesome beats! That track was great and although I wasn't a fan of the lyrics, it was really well put together!

4cat responds:

TY my dude. That's understandable, I am pretty trash with lyrics. I am gonna rerecord some of it when I put it on bandcamp for the album so think of this as the beta version


2016-11-03 13:02:04

I've listened to the 4cat album on bc on repeat for while last time I saw you posted. Real good stuff!

4cat responds:

You are a nice man!


2016-11-03 15:41:25

Just bought Just Vibe.

4cat responds:

Yooo I saw that, thanks a lot man!