Entry #8

4cat's GeneSUS (16 bit Sega Genesis playlist)

2017-08-27 00:00:59 by 4cat


I found a really cool VST called Genny VST YM2612. It emulates the sounds of the Yamaha chip in the original Sega Genesis/Megadrive. With Sonic Mania coming out it inspired to try to make music from this era. I also eat dicks.

I'm putting them in a playlist but I realized that it doesn't loop in playlist format so you can also listen individually, they loop better that way.


I'll be updating these as I go.

Thanks to @ZStriefel for the recent shout out. Thanks to everyone for the love. 


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2017-08-27 16:54:48

Really cool tracks man, hope to hear more of these retro style sounds. Try not to choke on those dicks pal

4cat responds:

Thank you. I can't promise anything!!


2017-08-27 19:15:28

aww man this collection is dope!! Love the sound of the old yamaha chips.

4cat responds:

Thank you sir. Yeah I am in love with this plugin for sure.


2017-08-28 00:03:22

perfect timing, ive been listening to a shit ton of genesis soundtracks lately. these are great

4cat responds:


Glad you like them


2017-08-28 18:57:25

Hey your songs are really really fucking good, even doing incredible gay nintendo music.

I wanted to say I actually sang on top of that thing you did, and I kinda left the file just sitting around. I've just uploaded so there you go check it out I love you: https://soundcloud.com/pegasusilva/solos-tu-y-yo-4cat-cover

4cat responds:

Dude, what the FUCK.


Is this Bill Withers?? Just the Two of Us?


2017-08-29 02:37:45



2017-08-29 11:29:37

Ye it's Just the Two of Us, pero in spanish, also sang a song by a brazilian band called Djavan, with Stevie wonder, about samurais.
Again, great job with everything you're big inspiration


2017-08-30 20:59:58

You ever heard of the plugin VOPM? Does genesis style sounds as well.

4cat responds:

No but I will check it out, thanks


2017-09-13 02:54:11

Just dropping by to put a smile on your face :^)

Hope you had a good day!